The SNL to LTR Experiment

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This is for street game, not social circle game.

I will try the SNL (Single Night Lay) to LTR (Long Term Relationship) experiment for a couple of women.

  1. Given you want to turn the relationship into an LTR, should you or not, go for the SNL?
    - Timing (d2, d3…)
  2. Whats the most effective and damage-free method of turning an SNL into an LTR?
    - Mindset (needy/comfort/etc)
    - Consider ASD (Anti-Slut Defense) after sex
    - Alpha-Traits and Provider-Traits
  3. Should you have the perfect opportunity to F-Close a HB10 whom you’d like to keep, should you do it or delay sex for relationship?

Why SNL in the first place?

I don’t know how game is in the West. At least here in Japan, girls are flaky as hell. I’ve become extremely good at creating attraction before the number-close that my email response rate is around 80~90% (as compared to 20~30% when I started off).

So when you get that opportunity where the girl is willing to open her legs for you, where all you have to do is step your foot in (or you dick), you fucking go for it. How stupid can you be to turn down that opportunity?

In fact, you go on a date with her – that might be exactly the thing she’s expecting. She’s expecting you to sex her. And whats worse is – sex or no sex, there may NEVER be a D2 or a D3. She could have a BF, and she wanted a one-off orgasm. You never know – because you met her on the street. If it was social circle game – there’s no rush to go into an SNL – in fact I wouldn’t recommend it. But this is street game for fuck sakes.

However, there’s a question I’ve yet to solve:

Why should you NOT go for SNL?

At my current level, going for an SNL is piss easy. I don’t need to go on 2~3 dates to bang a girl. HOWEVER – in my past few cases where I’ve banged the girl on D1/D2, it was difficult to see those girls again. There’s a variety of reasons to that:

  • My Reasons: being needy after sex, not building enough comfort/deep attraction.
  • Hers: boyfriend, feels like slut after sex, etc.

In those couple of women I’ve banged on D1/D2, there were girls I would genuinely have loved to date. To deepen the relationship. Not just for continuous sex, but to go on trips together, go out on a drive, etc.

I blamed myself for banging them too early in the relationship (even though that may not be the only factor for my failure).

A socially adept and sane girl in a normal society (non-PUA) would believe (or would like to believe) in the following ideals:

  • Boy meets Girl within a social circle or through friends and go on a couple of dates to get to know each other. Boy generally pays for the dates, and takes her out to dinner. If Boy and Girl finds themselves compatible with each other, Boy will ask her to be his GF. If girl accepts, they continue to date, and after a few weeks/months, have sex.

A PUA or at least PUA Stealth thinks this way:

  • Boy meets Girl. Boy’s objective is to bang Girl. Boy determines logistics, and does whatever in the world he can (DHV, Negs, Comfort, etc) to have sex with her. If sex is good, and she is worth keeping, Boy builds comfort with Girl so she comes back for more sex.

The discrepancy in between these two scenarios may cause chaos in the relationship, which makes the girl think, “I’ll be a slut if I go back to have sex with him…I better not see him again”.

Sure, “attraction is not a choice” – but even if she’s immensely attracted to you, the will to preserve her integrity may be much higher. Given her social circle, friends – who have a much greater influence on her than you do.

That PUA adage, “if she’s attracted enough, she wouldn’t listen to her friends, she’d be under my control” – is something I found false through experience – in fact I think only novices have that idea imprinted in their heads. When you get rid of that “I’m a fucking PUA, and I control women like my dog” idea – you start to see things more rationally, and can make decisions accordingly – yielding much greater results.

Anyway, you should not go for an SNL because it’ll trigger her ASD after sex, and in order to preserve her integrity as someone who doesn’t sleep around, she won’t see you again. There’s no reason to see you again. Had you developed the relationship through 2~3 dates and asked her out before sex like normal people do – then she’ll be sure to come back for more knowing you’re her “official” boyfriend.


I presented two extreme views of why or why not to SNL.

At the end of the day, its about improvising the situation. You can tell if she’s that flaky type of girl who’s really hard to meet. I think for those girls, you need to SNL no matter what – because it might actually increase your chances of seeing her after the sex.

However girls whom you chilled out with in a cafe – knowing she’ll be there to stay – you can always delay sex, and build value so she’s in for the long-term.

The key is to DETERMINE and DECIDE whether to fuck her or not given the type of girl she is.

This is extremely difficult, and when you’re in set with a woman, you lose track of what she’s actually like. But that seriously is the only way to go about it. I think for the next couple of months, I’ll find answers to my questions.

But as a general rule of thumb – GO FOR THE SNL.

Deep Emotional Connection

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To be honest, we all have to admit at some point in our PUA career – getting laid is piss easy.

I used to think of it as the most challenging thing in the world, until I was SNL’ing girl after girl.

You don’t need to build deep attraction to get punani. Seriously, all you need is to be able to LEAD and the PUSH at the right TIMING. Thats all. Easy for me to say – I’ve spent years trying to figure this out. But one day it just came to me – its difficult to simplify a complex idea – but once you can PLAY IT SIMPLE – thats when you realize you’ve achieved excellence. The same goes for sports, business, etc – Simplicity is Power.

Now, there’s a great wall of China in front of me called “building deep emotional connections”.

I can bang a girl. But to make her remember me as the “man whom I really connected with on a deeper level” and to make her say after years, “I really want to see him again, and experience those feelings” – that is MASTERY OF PUA. Thats when you can really call yourself a MASTER PUA. And thats exactly what I need to become.

Little Emotional Connection can still get you laid though

Completely true – you don’t need that deep level of connection to get pussy…once. But to continually have pussy come back to you endlessly without effort – that is ONLY established with emotional connections. At the back of our minds, we always feel more content, safer, and more relaxed with meeting people we know – people who we’ve shared an experience with. And with PUA, since you are moving things so quickly – the question then becomes – “how can you create that deep connection with the girl in the shortest period possible”. I believe its important to build it early on in the relationship – so it highers your chances for a D2, D3, and so on so forth.

Thinking back, perhaps the reason why I’ve had so many women fuck and dump me, is because I didn’t establish that connection with the woman. She didn’t wanna come back to see me any more. There’s several reasons to that – but really thinking back, I had sex before that emotional connection was made. On attraction alone. You need to work on COMFORT for ever-lasting sex. Seduction is seriously the easiest step in PUA (at least to me).

How do you build that deep emotional connection?


There’s routines to help out but they’re unnecessary. You simply ask questions that she associates strong emotions to, and build rapport by giving her a positive emotional feedback – and to show her you feel her pain, pleasure, joy, sadness, etc.


Me: To come to where I am now, I had to go through a lot of shit, and some painful experiences. I mean, I see you as someone who’s more mature at your age, and even though you’re a positive girl, I’m sure there’s some things that you’ve gone through – ones which you’re still latching onto. Tell me, whats that one thing you regret most in your life.
Her: When I was in high school blah blah blah
Me: So tell me, how did that make you feel, what have you gained from that, what would you change from now on based on that experience, how does that make you feel, etc

[after response] Me: I completely feel you – being the genuine and honest girl that you are, it must have been really difficult making that decision. I think you really have some courage to have made that decision and I respect someone with that courage.

The question and feedback you’ve used really got you to dig deep into her mind and emotions. She’s shared (invested) that information she wouldn’t share with anyone else. She now trusts you more, she feels closer, and therefore feels more comfortable around you. Of course, putting her in that state of mind where she WANTS to share that information with you – is equally as important.


From now onwards, after building that fluff attraction (which I’m ver good at), I’ll work on building COMFORT at a deep level. To really interact with her and get into her fucking mind. To make her share things about her she would never share with anyone else.


Deep Attraction Routine:

Building Rapport:

Rapport Questions:

Stay Safe

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Girl A: Sexy girl, amazing blow-jobs, 10+ past sexual partners
Girl B: Cute girl, virgin, can’t suck cock for shit

I would take Girl B any fucking day.

Until today, I was pulling my hair, fearing for my life waiting for my HIV results. I was even looking up treatments and life expectancies as if I’ve already gotten it. Fortunately, my test came out negative (gotta check a few months later again). But NEVER again, am I gonna put myself into that state where I’m worried sick to the point of going crazy.

How about statistics though?

0.01% of Japanese people have HIV. Out of that 0.01%, 60~80% are gay or bi-sexual. The rest are hetero – but foreigners (gaijins) take up a large proportion.

If you have hetero-sexual sex with an HIV positive person raw-dog, the chance of getting it for a man is around  0.1%. Its around 0.5% for a woman to get it from a HIV positive man.

Hence put all this shit together and do the maths – you’re more likely to die from a plane crash than getting HIV. (I think…)

But to be honest, who cares about statistics? How accurate are they? You could still be in that 0.0001% bracket. There’s men who’s caught HIV from heterosexual sex. That means there is that risk.

Its usually from negligent men who are fags, bi’s, or bang sex workers and passes it on to their girlfriends. Oh, and in Japan, the foreigners, and the sick STD-ridden Roppongi girls who goes clubbing to mate foreigners.

Statistics are bullshit when it comes to taking care of your own life. Think of it as being against your odds. Be extra-safe. Thats why you’ve got to determine the risks.

HIV Risk Group


  • Sex workers, Hostess, Foreigners (black/south-east asians), 10+ past sexual partners (incl. sex with bi-sexuals, foreigners), Age 20+, can bang without condom
  • DO NOT BANG – in fact, don’t even get close to them the second you know they’re whores. Yuk, ewww, fuck…


  • Normal girls (uni/working), 3~5 past sexual partners (profile ex’s), Age 18~above, lets you bang with no condom
  • You can bang them, BUT no blow-jobs, ALWAYS wear a condom, and NO SEX during their period


  • Munchkins, up to 2 past sexual partners max (profile ex’s), Age ~20
  • Go ahead and bang them with a condom! Blow jobs? – Yes, but with high accuracy profiling (ex-bf from same age group, his ex-gf/etc).


  • Virgins
  • Congrats, Go RAWDOG!

Who to BANG?

Above is my extremely racist and biased Risk Rating for STD’s. I’m absolutely on the High-Risk group which is amusing. Except I come with proper paperwork.

Now, wouldn’t avoiding High-Risk girls limit the fun being a PUA?

No, it would make PUA funner, more challenging, and risk-free. The risk of getting unwanted children and diseases – isn’t worth all the fucking around. Plus, girls in the low-to-mid risk groups are easier to pickup, and are better for dating (why would you date a slut in the first place?).

Where to go from now?

I’ve had my fair share of SNL’s, d2 bangs, etc. I finally found out its all possible. I can pick up any girl successfully.

So now its about keeping the girls I bang. I think banging a hot girl once is piss easy. But its more of a challenge banging her multiple times over an extended period of time. Because thats where your value as a man is tested.

Its time for Relationship Game.

But as we all know, we gotta sample the goods before we sign the deal. So I’ll be banging girls in the mid-to-no risk groups (lower the better) – and when I get the chance, I’ll get into a relationship with them. Its time I experience getting settled and living with one punani.

Oh, and I’m quitting porn. Great pay, a place to stay, bonuses – it was all great. But I don’t need it to have the quality of life I have now. I have every potential to go and earn more. Plus get my own place to stay. Might negotiate a deal where I get the place free for some work where I’m not the one doing the fucking.

Anyway, I’m going to come clean from now on. I’m glad the time has finally come.

PUA, Happiness, and Numbers-Game

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I was reading a post by a J-PUA kuroneko, “why I quit PUA“.

He talked about the concept of banging 100′s and 1000′s of girls as trivial – what do we get out of it? And the guilt he gets from lying to women about which girl he’s seeing, and breaking their hearts.

I currently think of PUA as more of a numbers game. How many hot girls can you bang…but gradually as I’m getting bored of banging new girls, I’ve found a new challenge – how many times can you bang a hot girl?

It sounds similar, but its a completely different challenge – and the latter is much more difficult than the former.

So I go around town searching for women, even number-closing ones I know I wouldn’t end up dating. And I bang them. And never end up seeing them again, unless I feel like banging them again. Whats the point?

When you build relationships, you build them vertically. You move horizontally and it becomes a numbers game – you’ll have a lot of low & flat buildings. But you ideally want a sky scraper. If one’s not enough, build another – but the challenge it to build vertically. Knowing a lot of people sounds good on surface level – but if you look deep into it, its bullshit.

I would rather date a really hot girl I love for 5yrs – go snowboarding together, eat really nice food, chill out in her house, and really share our love – rather than bang 500 hb7′s or whatever. Because at the end of those 500 bangs, you end up with nothing. A bunch of flat shitty buildings. There’s no point to it.

HOWEVER – banging different girls is an entertainment and hobby in itself. Meeting different girls, tasting the different cuisines of the world – is a beautiful thing. You know you might not be going in for seconds, but you get to travel the world, explore, and dig unfound grounds. Even though your relationships are shallow – you’re meeting enough that you don’t really have to worry about supply.

At the end of the day, its what you want, who you are, and the timing in your life. Broken up from a long relationship – go ahead and bang as many chicks as you physically can! Looking for a deep relationship with a single girl? Then go ahead and open the girls you really want – and be the provider.

The guilt-factor is a difficult topic. Some people get it, some people don’t. I believe I have a lot less empathy as compared to other people – when I lie, its not that I feel bad for the girl, but I feel worried about the lie being unrevealed.

At this point, I really wanna improve one thing in my game – to OPEN. I want to be able to open wherever I am, and do it right. To do this, I need to be frequently opening sets. I truly want a girlfriend I love and respect. A really cute one who’ll really appreciate who I am, and respect me back. Knowing how to handle the relationship, and meeting hundreds of women – I’ll bound to find a girl who’s right for me. I don’t mind playing the numbers game to some extent and building a bunch of flat buildings. But I don’t mind building a sky scraper neither.

I just gotta be enjoying the process, and its got to materialize. I’m sick and tired of the chase, I need to build a farm – where women chase me. To sum things up:

  • The number of girls you bang does not represent your level of success
  • What represents your success is how happy you are with the relationships you’re in with the girls, and how happy you are with what you’re doing.

Is Porn Healthy?

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I fucking love porn. I’m probably addicted to it. I’m also a porn-star. I was wondering the effects of porn on PUA.

The Channel 4 documentary is surface level and extremely shitty. But the second video is extremely thoughtful because James Marshall goes through different reasons porn might be detrimental and the solutions we can take to revamp our sex lives and motivation to sarge.

Channel 4:

  • Younger people with Erectile Dysfunction these days
  • Porn becomes better than sex for some people
  • Porn (anal sex, deep throat, etc) becomes the standard which makes normal sex unexciting

James Marshall on Porn

  • Porn is like fast-food – you only feel full, but not satisfied
  • Mechanism that tricks your mind to thinking you’re getting sex (not satisfied, but relieved).
  • Many people have ED – could be due to porn
  • Training body to be aroused in condition where its not real sex (slouched watching screen with unusual body positioning)
  • Rapid ejaculation for the purpose of relieved is not healthy when it comes to real sex
  • If a guy is fantastic in BED – she’ll come back to HIM for YEARS
  • If you’re ejaculating all the time – you’re not hungry

PORN DIET – for sexual energy and sarging motivation

  1. For the next week, NO PORN!
  2. When masturbating – Close eyes and focus on physical sensation of touch
  3. Take time to blow load or don’t (tantrum – breathe in and think up)

  • Open: 185
  • NC: 15
  • Bounce: 3
  • D2: 2
  • D?: 2
  • FC: 2

What I had in mind for December was:

  • Be able to sarge alone
  • Open the sets I’m really interested in, and try my best to get her
  • Date/Bounce at least 5~6 girls a week (20/month)


  • December 2013 is not even worth analyzing. Its bullshit, thats all I can say. And it shows how fucking horrid I am at sarging, opening, and keeping promises…Fuck.
  • 8% of sets I opened turned into NC
  • My D2′s were from the past so I can’t count them.
  • I bounced 3 sets, which is better than before, but pretty damn lame…

I don’t know what to say. I’m disappointed in myself. 8% NC rate? What the fuck is that?

Every morning as I did some warmups, I gave myself an excuse – I don’t need to NC her nor bounce her, its just practice. I’ll get good with some practice. NO! You get good through breaking through your fear and pain, and actually sealing the deal! Transitioning! Holy fuck…I’m quite pissed off at myself. 11 Numbers? Shit me, I could get 15 numbers in an hour. I should be getting 15 numbers a fucking day. This month was simply ridiculous and fucked up…

Credit for the bounces and dates though. I could have had 4 F-Closes had I played things smoothly.

As for January, even though I put less priority on PUA, I wanna open sets with an intention to close them. To push myself against the pain, and actually close them. I should be NC or Bouncing at least 20~30% of the sets I open. And that only happens when you PUSH YOURSELF! Whenever I’m in set, I will tell myself to OPEN, TRANSITION, NUMBER CLOSE OR BOUNCE HER!!! Thats the only way to get a step ahead in my journey. 15 numbers won’t get me any pussies.

10 numbers = 1 pussy. That means I need AT LEAST 50 numbers a month. That means putting a little more work and effort into the hour I commit to PUA.

This is Step 1 of my Goal setting process for 2014. I’ll use a couple of different goal-setting programs to pull from deep down, my goal for 2014~2024 and beyond. As for now, I’ll just remind myself these 2 points:

  • Get highly motivated friends/partners along your journey to completing your goals in that specific field
  • If I achieve 20% of my resolutions, that’ll be enough to help me achieve my desired outcome

Anyway, here’s the program for the Power of Momentum:

STEP 1: GET CLEAR (where am I now?)

  1. What did I love in 2013?
    2013 felt extremely long, while it was gone in a flash of a second. I can’t remember what I was like this time last year. And I can’t remember much of what happened this year. But there’s several things I loved…I found my love for football again. I genuinely enjoy playing again, and I’ve found my mojo in football. I’m excited about playing every single day, and it gets me up in the morning and puts me to sleep at night. Its my life’s purpose to keep playing and to keep improving.

    I also love the fact I’ve become very good at pickup. Perhaps better than I’ve ever been before in my entire life. Results have also been fantastic, like 4-5 times better than its ever been in a single year. I’ve experienced a fuck load of failures, but its all been an educational experience and has pushed me to get better in this area.

    Because I’ve been doing the same thing daily – playing football and being with friends – I haven’t been able to stop and appreciate the environment I’m in. Which is a sign I’ve had so much fun and pleasure, and I was in the happiest state of my entire life being surrounded by good friends, laughing, and having an outstanding time. I had a smile on my face every single day, and I was able to share it with every one of my friends. There’s nothing more rewarding than this.

    There’s also moments when I pushed my boundaries – and took a trip to Thailand to do Muay Thai – something i’ve wanted to do for so long. I hadn’t left Japan in over an year – and it was something I feared leaving the country and putting myself into a new environment. But it turns out it was one of the best decisions of my life. New friends, learning a new art, and swimming in one of the most beautiful oceans in the world.

  2. Accomplishments
    Football: Getting into the first team, scoring a brilliant goal, and being an integral part of the team. Finally being able to play well in a team.PUA: Banging 9 girls this year (compared to 2 last year). Discovering the D2 F-Close. Being able to book in D2′s easily and comfortably. Dressing like an attractive high value male. Getting reverse NC’d with my new looks and vibe (which I’ve never had before!).

    Business: Orders after orders – crazy amounts of sales at one point – so much I couldn’t handle the pressure! Too much money! It was fucking great.

    - Taking a trip abroad to learn Muay Thai (self-financed)
    - Doing porn again – and being able to bang with no viagra (now its like getting paid to get laid!)

  3. Things to duplicate from 2013 for 2014
    I want to keep up my motivation for football – and I wanna become better than ever before. Physically stronger and faster, technically beyond anything I could ever imagine. To surround myself with motivated young football players who I can push, and be pushed by – and find my place in the team. I DEFINITELY NEED AND WANT to keep the ball rolling in this area NO MATTER WHAT. And I will.There’s been massive improvements in the quality of girls I’ve banged, and the numbers. I wanna keep that up, but achieve something even greater. More bangs, more hotter girls, more sarging than ever before. And small goals, trips, and fun to keep me moving towards massive success.
  4. What did I hate in 2013?
    A. What was challenging this past year?
    I had a very hard time focusing on business this year. It was all about Football and PUA – no wonder I’ve improved so much in that area. However, I’ve neglected my business to the point I haven’t updated my site, nor am I getting closer to building a new business which I’ve planned. It was difficult to get my head around to it because I can’t focus on 3-4 things at once. I found it hard managing my time, and keeping my habit of going to sleep early and waking up early. I’ve been late to training therefore, and couldn’t give 100%. Discipline has been a very difficult topic my entire life. As I write this, its already 3pm…B. What do you not want to have happen again?

    I’ve started having an extremely closed mind. That stopped me from meeting a lot of new people – even though there’s been some key people I’ve met this year who’s changed the direction and quality of my life. In PUA, the biggest pain was my lack of skills to keep the girls I really wanted. Mana – the perfect “8″ munchkin whom I really wanted to keep and date. She was so perfect for me, but I blew it. It sucks. And it hurts to think I’ve failed so hard. I never want to have to go through with something like this again. I want the girls I bang to be invested in me. I wanna be able to seduce the girls so they’re extremely attached and attracted to me.

    Also with regards to business, I’ve neglected my customers for over a month. Not sending their products, and being plain ass lazy. I never wanna do this again…I feel extremely bad the entire time I’m not sending their products, I’m cheating them its fucked up. And its also hurting my business. I also don’t wanna fall into the lazy trap where I waste my entire day doing nothing. LITERALLY NOTHING. As I wake up, I wank, sleep, wank, sleep – and realize its dark outside. I never wanna have to experience that again – its robbed me of at least over a month of my life. That month would have landed me 10 new punani hotter than Mana.

    C. What did I learn through these experiences?

    I learned to really improve in a field, you really need good rest. And you need good planning skills. And to always be outside – because as long as you’re outside, you’ll be forced to take action upon anything. I also learned you need to be concious of your state. A little tired? Go get some sleep/coffee. A little AA? Open a few sets.

    With regards to PUA, I’ve started to make it a study to find out how to have girls come back to you. How to be attractive. How to actually SEDUCE the girl. The entire time I’ve been manhandling the woman and then forcefully bedding her…instead of gently leading her to bed, and seducing her until she wants it more badly than I do. Going caveman neglects you of the opportunity to build your valuable skills in the area of seduction. I also learned you need to farm as well as hunt – through all the failures and singleness in xmas, I realized I need to build an infrastructure where I can meet women, and where they come to me.

    All this failure and close-mindness had made me more open-minded. Ability to be flexible towards women. Not cocky funny all the time. But to adjust to the situation, and not have to be the joker all the time.

  5. What decisions did I make in 2013 that were empowering?
    A. Most important decisions for this year
    Continuing football was a major decision I made. I don’t know what my life would have been without football. And I’m very glad I continued.Going to Thailand was another huge decision. The decision itself was pretty simple – I booked my flight a few days before, and went there completely unplanned. Found myself there, made life-long friends, and it opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I can do, and what is out there.

    The most empowering things were actually the people I met who made a difference in my life. To name a few, Paul, Shimada, Patrick, my Thai trainers, all the women I’ve met through sarging, etc.

    B. Decisions I might make next year as a result.
    Next year, I will:
    - Take more trips around the world, and around Japan
    - Continue my football at a higher level and train harder and more effectively than I’ve ever have
    - To build a system/foundation/infrastructure that will put me in the centre of attention, and will generate revenue. I wanna get out of the internet business, and focus more on real life face-to-face business.
    - Push myself to meet more people. Even people who I might not be interested in – PREPARE SOME GOOD QUESTIONS, get to know people, let go of my fake ego, and make connections/friends. The few people I met have made the greatest difference in my life last year. More than anything else. Thats the reason why I will be going out more – going to social events, talking to everyone (male/female), exploring new activities (public speaking, art, acting, outdoors), going to new places by myself (LA, Osaka, etc), and just talking to as many interesting and potentially interesting people as much as I can. To be genuinely interested in people, learning as much as I can from them, empowering each other, and building my experience level and depth of humanity through interactions and deep discussions.
    I’ve stopped being open-minded because I decided to be all “alpha” and “tough” to have that hard shell around me. Fuck that shit. I don’t need that shell anymore. I’ll still have my own frame, and present my best self. But I don’t need to have any ego in meeting people – its “unnecessary unless necessary”. Its a tool I have ready in my pocket when I wanna use it.

Step 2: Get Certain

  1. Anything in my life that was once merely a goal, dream, or desire
    - Being a highly motivated and empowering leader with extremely consistent and good discipline
    - Bang 100 munchkins
    *- Become a millionaire, buy a big house for my family, and ride fucking gorgeous cars
    *- Become a professional football player
    *- Be famous and have people come up to me on the streets to give me high five
    - Have a huge house in LA and have lavish parties with hot models and munchkins
    - Have my own place in the centre of Tokyo where I can bring all my munchkins for a munchkin party!
    - Be successful at pickup and bang lots of women
  2. Steps I went through to turn them into reality
    - Millionaire plan: tried to start a business with TKS, went to meet business people, started my own little online store
    - Joined football school and trained every day
    - Fame: Within my circle, to be the biggest player, within the streets, to be a famous PUA
  3. What turned out to be real?
    I turned the banging into reality. I haven’t banged hundreds, but I developed the ability and experience to bang a girl I’m on a date with on D2 pretty easily and smoothly. I didn’t know if it was possible, and I’m not sure how I planned it. The way I got there was through experimentation and experience. I could not have done it without the painful rejections. In actual fact, things started getting smoother after I decided “not to” bang Saya whom I D2′d 2months ago. Then I got pissed off and told myself I’ll bang every single girl by D2. Then I did.

Step 3: Get Excited – a list of things I wanna achieve
*(I get a fuckload of comments from friends/readers that these are far too many goals, and they’re far too unrealistic. Keep in mind its just a brainstorm of ideas – not goals yet).

Personal Development goals: Skills, abilities, character traits, career, skills, personality, habits, anything I wanna do or be – NEXT 20 YEARS

  • Youtube Star – become famous, and have people (especially hot munchkins) approach me on the streets
    I’m absolutely committed to becoming a youtube star because I NEVER WANNA BE ALONE AGAIN! I was alone in xmas, xmas eve, new years when everyone’s out there having fun and mingling with friends. If I don’t message people I don’t get a message. Its really sad. I really wanna be someone who’s being “motomerareteru”. I need to become someone who’s approached by others. I wanna take back all those lonely years I’ve had by myself being unloved and unappreciated – I wanna use my skills/ability/charm to attract people – to build a lifestyle/image of someone who’s really fun and exciting! Then I wanna become fucking famous and have people approach me in the streets like the guys I saw in Harajuku being approached by munchkins. I wanna become famous so it’ll help me gain access to hot munchkins and the successful sphere of people. That way I’ll be in a fun state!
  • Professional Footballer – go overseas!
    I love football and how fun would it be to travel to overseas to play and train with the best players and best teams! To have a possible access to becoming a professional footballer! Playing every single day has become such an integral part of my life, I need it. Remember how sad my life was before I joined school? How boring and lonely I was? But after joining school and playing football every single day with my friends, my life has never been the same – it was fun, exciting, and full of energy. I could reach my full potential, open up, and be appleciated and loved. I loved that opportunity and space I had. I want that again, I need ti. That environment. And I wanna become better and stronger because I”m in my peak physical state, I’ve never been faster, more agile, and more technically effective ever in my life! I’m in the best state of my life and i”m excited to take it 5~6 notches higher – to become much better than I am now ,To become the best ever!
  • Cutest Munchkin Girlfriend
    Date the most beautiful girls from the world – the cutest munchkin in the world – the cutest ones you see out in the streets with the short skirt and cutey cute voice and skin, and everything nice! - I really want a GF – thats the only thing I wanted for so long yet I’ve been a failure at getting one all my life. Especially this year, I’ve failed really badly with Mana and Mariko…and it saddens me because had I trained hard at pua and been more conscious of results and taken action, this shit would never have happened. I haven’t grown nearly enough. I wanna take my skills to the next level and see myself dating the cutest and most incredible munchkins in the universe. To have those cute soft nice smelling munchkins sleeping by my side – its the best feeling in the universe.
  • Leadership – become responsible, empowering, and lead a group of people/friends – 3
  • mPUA – become the best PUA, and PUA trainer – 3
  • Social Skills – discover my role, and be an INTEGRAL part of the group – 1
  • Thinking – more conscious discipline in my life – 3
  • Friends – meet more people, join a group, and mingle with people who have an important role in society – 1
  • Start a society/group – run a group of people – 1
  • Travel – go around the world, taste the food, meet the people, experience the culture – 3
  • Physical Excellence – 100pushups, 50pullups, and unbeatable core strength – 1
  • Wife and Life Partner – 5
  • Master Relationship skills – 3
  • I wanna do all sorts of water sports – wind surfing, flying, the jet thing! – 3
  • Take my parents around to really nice places to eat and help them make their lives enriching – 3


    I really wanna go to Osaka and just go all fucking out! Sarge all day and night and get the cutest Osaka munchkins and bang them! Date them. Have a really fun and exciting time in Osaka with munchkins. I really need to go, I’ve wanted to go for so long. I need to go while I’m young and still motivated to sarge. It’ll be really fun and crazy too. I’ll create so much fun there and meet so many cool people and girls! Osaka would be crazzzzy!!!! All the Osaka ben yade~, fucking cute Osaka munchkins would be CRAZY!!!
  • I want residual income of at least 50k per year – 3
  • I want a fucking nice sports car – carbon black – 3
  • I want a fucking big home in Miami – holiday homes all around the world! – 10
  • Travel the fucking world – 5
  • Go to LA and have fun with friends, PUA, etc! – 1
  • My own sex pad in the center of Tokyo – 1
  • Buy a private island and travel with all my friends – 10
  • Bike License! – 3

Economic Goals

  • $5000/month in passive income from WSC – 1
    I must absolutely do this and do it fucking quickly! Because its so easy and achievable. i already get 1~2k per month, bringing that to 5k is piss easy – I really need to do it though, its one of the most important shit in the world!!! If I can successfully outsource this I can be worry-free of money and focus on football and everything else. I can also get a place of my own and quit the porn business. I can get a real sexpad which is my own – no more worries, no more lies! just pure honesty and fun! I can also travel to south america to watch the world cup, I can also play football in Brazil – the sky is the limit by outsourcing my business and taking it to the new level! This is something I MUST HAVE. I’m sick of sending shoes and having to do all the shitty work for this stupid business. I want other people to do the petty work and just enjoy the money rolling in. How good would life be if the money I have coming in NOW *(add like a hell a lot because I’ll outsource SEO and shit!) all coming in without me having to do anything. Just laying back and seeing the papers flow in – that would be beautiful. Incredible. The best thing in the fucking world. I really need to outsource my money. I NEED THIS SO BADLY!!!! If this finance part is solved, I can travel the world and do crazy shit without any limits at all! And its so simple and easy!
  • $100k/month in passive income from businesses – 5
  • Study and buy $1m worth of stocks, bonds, etc – 5
  • Invest in a stock – 1
  • Youtube – earn another 5k per month! – 1
  • Create a big business and become the CEO! – 1

Step 4: take action

I’ve yet to exactly decide which goals to go for, and which ones to really focus on. Because I won’t be successful at achieving all of them (I’ll end up achieving none) – I’ll pick my number 1 theme. Then my number 2. So on. Every single time, my No.1 will be prioritized no matter what. I’m undecided whether football or youtube fame will come first…

Anyway, I need to sleep, probably my highest priority now.

Tomorrow I’ll work on the last part – New Years New Life.

When all the ideas are out and my mind is fresh and focused I will have:

  1. 10 very specific one-year goals (become famous youtube star with 50k subscribers)
  2. 10 hard core reasons to achieve them
  3. 10 quarterly targets to achieve goals (upload my first video)
  4. Monthly targets (buy camcorder)
  5. Weekly targets

I’ll be more conscious of my actions and process this year. Otherwise I’ll be flying around and end up in bed on a Sunday morning when the sun is out, and the munchkins are all bathing in it. So, bed time!