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The Game must go on

Good Game gives you a perception of attractiveness and high value – which is enough to bang and keep the hottest women around. But once you stop gaming, that perception fades, and your ability to bullshit yourself drops. If you don’t exercise for a week, you can’t fucking run for shit. Same thing with game, if you don’t do it for a week, you’ll become rusty. Quit for too long, and you’ll lose whatever muscle you had. Thats why you always need to keep sharpening your knives so it stays sharp enough to cut through that set like magic. This time around, I stopped sharpening it. Then a few weeks in and I’ve completely lost my game. I wasn’t the same guy she was attracted to a month ago. I was an AFC who had nothing going in his life.


I haven’t experienced pain from failure at this extreme for years. This time it hit me hard. At the end of 2005 when I found out my gf had three other boyfriends and ditched me, I was in shock. Couldn’t sleep at night, was constantly under tons of distress, and I promised myself never to get into a situation like this. Then this happens.

7 years into game, failure in this area comes to a grave shock to me. I think I was good. In game and relationships I felt I was rock solid. But I wasn’t. My emotions took the best of me. And I failed. Badly. Painfully. I wasn’t good enough to keep banging this girl long term. Both in terms of Game and Life Value. Its hurt my pride, and self-esteem to accept and admit that I was responsible for my own failure. Had I been good enough, this wouldn’t have happened. Even if it did, it wouldn’t hurt me.

This girl was a someone who would fill my void in life. But then again why did create a void in my life in the first place?

I’ve suffered a number of failures throughout the years but I haven’t had one that knocked me own my knees this badly for at least 4years. One where my heart is beating so fast I can’t sleep at night. One where my pride and confidence has been shattered. One where I’m angry yet ultimately extremely sad at letting myself suffer the way I am now. Things have got to change once and for all.

My life until now

To be honest I haven’t achieved much in these past 30 years. Back when I was 18 when I had the whole world ahead of me, I thought I’d be a billionaire with a huge pool, helicopter, hot girlfriends, a successful entrepreneur, etc.

Fast forward 12 years. I’ve dropped out of college. Wandered around in life. Stuck in my house most of my time. And lived a pretty lonely life even though I love being around people. Laziness has gotten the best of me, and my lack of initiative to seek more, to become better, and to progress has left me completely remote and inactive in life. My business which has supported me for the past five years have also spoilt me. An hour a week and I’m done. I can survive. Game. Eat. But then again I was empty, sad, and lonely. What was the purpose to life?

Looking back, I was most proactive and determined in my life:

  1. Just before my A-Level Exams
  2. Hooked on to GF1
  3. When I entered Uni and wanted to start a business
  4. Hooked on to GF2
  5. When I took an year off from uni to start a business
  6. Hooked on to GF3

Then onwards, I had short bursts of motivation like doing porn, playing football, and latching on to GF4. Lots of game. But all very inconsistent. All at an average level. I believe I deserve more, but I never put in the time to deserve it.

There’s a commonality with moments of proactivity:

  1. External Pressure to Succeed
  2. Girls that I’m really emotionally into
  3. They’re short-lived (few weeks at most)
  4. Urgency

Things I’ve quit in life:

Parkour, Capoeira, Going to the Gym, Practicing Football on my own, Starting multiple businesses, Uni…

When/How/Why – did I quit?

  • Gym: I go hard for the first few times. Then drift off for Week 2, and then stop going completely for another month or more.
  • Practicing Football on my Own: I go hard once, and pledge to go daily. But then I feel lazy going, I don’t wanna go alone, I don’t wanna get out of the house. There’s a mental block with leaving the house. And then I’m stuck at home.
  • Starting a business: FOMO on other things like Game and Sports, Sleepy, I’ll do it later/tomorrow, Its too complicated

Rather than consistency, I tend to do better in batches. Solid grinding for 2 nights. Things like that. But then its a one-off thing and I never get back to it. Which is my failure in a lot of things.

What do I want NOW.

  • I wanna become famous. I wanna become more famous than HER. More fans, more followers, more respect, more greatness.
  • I wanna earn more money than those lame guys who produce shit content. I wanna out-earn my peers who always made fun of me in school.
  • I wanna become smarter. I wanna be someone who can spread more positive influences than them, have better communication skills, it much more interesting, is more of a leader, and is respected tons more.
  • I wanna become stronger. Both physically and mentally. I wanna have a solid frame for myself. Fearless. Reckless. And believe in myself no matter what.
  • I wanna become more attractive. Lay more bitches. Reg more bitches. Bang the hottest bitches on the planet.

There’s something in common I need to do in order to make these wishes into a reality

  1. Find one area in life I’m passionate about.
  2. Take DAILY CONSISTENT ACTION to make that dream into a reality.
  3. Grind harder than anyone out there. Meet more people. Take the initiative to surround myself with successful people.
  4. Surround myself with successful people who have MUCH HIGHER STANDARDS than I do. Enter into a successful environment.
  5. Keep fucking doing it. If there’s a mental block or something I fear which is stopping me, breakthrough that fear by DOING it. Open that five set. Prank that scary looking guy who could kill me. The most I’ll get is a whack on the head, not gonna die. Not gonna piss my pants. DO IT. BECOME FEARLESS. BECOME RECKLESS. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. So fucking do it no matter what.

Paying for dates

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There’s been a lot of updates recently: Bootcamp with Root, Experiment with making girls pay for meals, Experiment with asking girls out, Being asked out, etc.

Paying for dates

I’ve pussied out on numerous occasions, but I just learned a whole new dynamic to the situation when girls pay for my meals. My experiment is simple – take out all the bills out of my wallet, take a girl out for dinner, and then make her pay for the entire meal. IF she’s a nice girl and is also willing to come home with me – pay her there. IF she’s an ass, make her pay, pull her home and see if she’s compliant – if not, I still get a free meal.

I still do not have enough data to make conclusions or trends, but there was a fascinating dynamic when I made the girl pay. First of all, if you do this early on in the relationship or the first date/SDL – it sets a frame where the girl invests money on you. Second, when you eventually pay her half the bill, it also sets the frame where she’s expected to pay her half. I also mixed this in with the story, “my business was going well till recently, and it’s gone down so I’m doing a part-time job. I’m short of cash, but I’m gonna hustle and make things happen again” – DHV for a successful risk taker, and also empathy for being a little broke.

Women, in their innate biology – have the urge to nurture and support. So when a man’s in trouble, given they’re attracted to you, will go through means to support the man.

I’ve only experimented on two girls (D2, D3) – so I need more data. I’m especially excited to try this on older girls who have the hard expectation that men should pay (and also may be less DTF). And also hot girls (HB8+) who think they can get away with anything.

The underlying psychology behind making girls pay is this; money is a universal unit that underlines the time, effort, and love we feel towards something. All things being equal, a fan that pays $1000 for a Justin Bieber concert is more in love with him, than someone who pays $100. When people pay for something, they also expect something in return. Thats why a lot of men pay for dates – because they expect the girl to put out for sex.

Using that theory – we can also assume that, when someone pays for something, they have more emotional stake over it. If you buy Google Shares, you naturally start liking Google, and will want them to succeed. By making a girl pay for a date, she invests her hard earned money and time, and will want something back in return. There will be a feeling of discomfort if she’s at loss. She’s invested money in this guy, so she must like him. She’s not just gonna see this guy off after dinner, she’s going to follow him to see what he has to give back.

Btw, if money is not much of a concern, I don’t think anyone should take part in this experiment, because life is just so much easier when you don’t care about $. Otherwise go on cafe dates to save $ and worry.

Experiment with asking girls out

6th bang of the year – she was hot and munchkin, nice enough to experiment with the “asking her out” for the purpose of LTR’ing her. There’s something interesting about the “explicit” idea of being a boyfriend/girlfriend. That title is so superficial, and I’ve avoided it for a very long time. It’s all worked out well for 85%+ girls, but for a few munchkins, I banged them once, and then they were gone.

Seconds before I banged this girl, as I was rubbing the tip of my hard cock on this girls’ clitoris, I told her: “you want to go out with me” – she was being shy, and refused to answer. Then I said, in a dominant congruent tone, “you do”. To which she replied yes. I sealed the deal, “okay, we are going to go out (bf/gf)”.

Then penis went in. Well, it was her first time so it didn’t just BLOOP, but yeah after some pleasurable struggle, it was in. Ended up banging her 4 times in the space of 2hrs. I was so exhausted, I sent her back home, and then fainted on my bed.

Gonna keep doing this experiment to see if “CERTAIN” types of girls who are more innocent and pure – respond well to this BF/GF thing. And as a result, will keep coming back for more as compared to a “sex buddy” girls tend to label on guys they aren’t officially dating. LOL. Oh Japan the country of superficiality.

Being asked out

I just had the fortune (misfortune) of getting asked out by a girl who I really enjoy spending time with, and someone I really like. The only catch is, she isn’t hot. And she’s 23. Long past her prime. 23 is like a woman going on menopause. Back in the more animalistic age, she should have 3~4 kids by the time she’s 23.

But she’s one of the nicest girls I’ve ever been with, and I love being with her – so I told her, because of my age, I only date girls who I’m certain I want to marry. And I’m not currently considering marriage because I still want to be free.

This girl is so genuinely nice and warm that it pains me to have her fall in love with me. Because I’m on a mission to conquer as many hot punani’s as I can – which isn’t the best image on the planet, probably contrary to her hard core values.

Eventually may have to let her go if it will hurt her, or hurt my mission.

Bootcamp with Root

I had the opportunity to give Root a bootcamp. Very motivated guy, willing to open any sets, stop any girl, and run back into set after he failed. Being resilient is one of the successful traits of a good PUA. Also ended up with a NC. Interested to see how he’ll progress in the coming months and years.

I was also able to observe and appreciate the “beginner mindset” where every set is a challenge, its heart-beating, and you’re learning so quickly, and progressing in every approach. By challenging him to open the hardest sets, I also felt I was soft on myself when I’m on my own – it got me to shift the way I feel about myself and the situation and the world when I’m gaming – and realize, its not that bad after all. After the bootcamp, opening sets in awkward situations became a lot easier. I believe this is what I need in my current stage to become better at game – teach other people game.

He was also able to meet Legend – the best gaijin gamer in Japan – and perhaps even the world. We were also able to observe Legend pulling a girl off street back to his house within 5~10minutes of meeting her. His style, frame, and the way he goes about game – is more effective than RSD, Mystery, and all those commercial gamers. Legend makes no money from gaming, he doesn’t have any stake in it, he doesn’t always talk about banging a hot girl in the chats, there’s very little ego involved. He bangs because he wants to bang. He’s addicted to talking to hot girls. He knows very little about “PUA” and “Game”. The purest, cleanest gamer in that sense.


I’ve been in game long enough to have experienced the most ratchet girls. Prostitutes, girls that let me bang in tents, girls that I’d bang in the space of 35minutes, etc. But this girl was at a whole another level.

Meet Ratchet Panda

As I was sarging in Shinjuku with the boys, they pointed out to a girl who’s exactly my type. Small, young, and wears this cute panda hoodie. I didn’t know whether she was hot, but I ran over, opened her from the front and WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SEE!?

Beautiful big eyes with nice blue color contacts, a tiny face, cute hairstyle, and a tasty petite body. But what I saw was – red rashes on her legs, face all pimpled up, lips so dry part of her lip skin was peeling off, clothes with stains all over, a fucking moustache – YES – A FUCKING MOUSTACHE ON HER FACE! I’ve seen many Filipino and Thai girls with moustaches and its an instant fucking turn off. Shave the fucking thing off, or pull it out! Even I pull out the stubbles on my face to keep myself young and clean cut. This girl is Japanese – she should know better. I was instantly disgusted yet told her, “lets go Karaoke”. To that she replied – “OKAY!” At least she was bubbly and had a nice smile on her face. But then she was so DTF, I was sickened and told her I’m going back to my friends because they’re waiting.

She said, “I’ll come with you.” The nice side of me couldn’t tell this sweet monster to fuck off. She followed and I intro’d them to the boys. I offered the boys this girl, and then one guy was dtf. I was kind of dtf, but just my limiting belief where I’d kiss the girl or make the girl suck my dick – was already such a fucking turn off it was unbelievable. I’ve already had my dose of ratchidity by accidentally banging a ladyboy in the tent last year. But fuck I was hesitant. This girl is a potential HB7.5 had she shaved her moustache, cleaned herself up, and had a makeover. But this girl had no idea of beauty – she was trashy as fuck.

Just to test the DTF’ness of this girl, I asked her – “do you like hard?” referring to something else. She said, “yeah I like hard”. I asked further, “do you like it hard and thick?” – to which she replied, “YES!”. Then I took out a condom from my wallet and asked her “did you drop it?” – she replied, “No.” I continued, “do you like this brand?” – she replied positively, “Yeah! You have to use a condom on me.” – OMFG – its only been 10minutes since I met her and she was already assuming I was gonna bang her! I then asked her, “can we have a threesome with my friend?” – she said “yeah, why not.”

I was both hesitant and down for ten minutes – but she had to meet a guy which she told me about before. And he called her and she answered. I left it too late being indecisive and she had to go. I asked her when she was free later. “We’re having sex, so I’ll probably be done in an hour and a half.” I decided not to take her number. But at the back of my mind, I kicked myself for not banging her. I mean I accidentally banged a ladyboy last year, how much worse could it be?

As I made my way back to Shibuya, I did a quick open on a girl. She was free and DTF – but looking closely she had a big jaw and crooked teeth. So I told her, I’ll go check if the restaurant is open, and stormed off with my bike.

To be honest, if quality wasn’t an issue, I could be banging 300 girls an year. But quality does matter. Last year’s GPA out of the 58 girls I banged was a 6.4 (not including the ladyboy LOL). To be honest I’m sick of these 6’s. There’s PUA’s calling these 6’s an 8, and I don’t understand how they could do such a thing. I’ve got to raise my minimum standard to a HB7. Like I said, hotter girls have less STD’s, take care of themselves better, are more social, and have more abundance in their lives. It’s the HB6’s and below you’ve gotta watch for.

On another note, I tried being more “S (Sadistic)” today, and its working out well. I’m blunt and to the point. Gonna keep experimenting with this.


First off, what does it mean to treat women like shit? Telling them to clean your dishes when they come to your house? Making them pay for your drinks? Being a boss, and treating them like your pet dog?

I’ve always treated women nicely. I’d pay all or more than half of the meal. I’d clean the house before they come, and let them sleepover, and cleanup after their mess. I’d cook them a meal if they’re hungry. I’d smile to make them feel comfortable and try my best to entertain them to keep them happy.

But is that really the definition of treating girls nicely? On the other hand, is making a woman pay for your meal a shitty thing to do? What are women really looking for in a man – and even more, what makes a woman invest in a man.

The Douchebag vs The Nice Guy

99% of the time, the douchebag gets more pussy than the “nice guy”. They get hotter girls. Girls like them better. And they give girls a better sexual experience overall. But it doesn’t make sense.

  • Why would a woman be attracted to a guy who makes her pay for the meal, as compared to a nice gentleman who always pays for her meals, opens the door, etc?

Nice guys provide comfort. Douchebags provide excitement. Girls are far more attracted to guys they chase, as compared to guys that chase them. Male models around Harajuku get approached by a bunch of girls to get their photos taken, etc. When you approach a random girl in Tokyo, there’s a chance she’ll do the “shift behind your back” move – and then literally start running away! Thats why a lot of my game, and what I do/say in set frames the situation as if the girl is doing the pickup/chasing.

Anyway, the problem with “nice guys” is – they frame the situation as if they are doing the chasing. In the dating world, that is the standard – “guy chases after girl, calls her out on a date, and pays for her dinner”. But there’s something fundamentally wrong with thinking “I’m pursuing her”. During the initial stages, a man still needs to “pursue” the woman to get her out, but in every instance you are with the girl, you need to frame things so SHE HAS TO DO THE CHASING. Long-term, you want to build a relationship where the male is the owner, and the female is the dog. As a PUA, you need her to go fetch the stick. And when you’re lying down on bed, she needs to be so invested in you, that she brings the stick to you, so she can play. In other words, you need to create a frame where the girl is hitting you up for dates and meetups.

Is that treating her like shit?

It really depends on how you look at things. My ex loved chasing me. She’d arrange all our dates. I’d make her pay for half the rent while she lived with me and pay for her own food (even though she was making peanuts). I’d train her to buy the groceries, cook me a meal, and clean the dishes. She was happy and willingly doing all of this for me, which I was grateful for. She was VERY happy impressing me, and she worked hard to do so.

I really loved how the relationship was framed, and the power-balance where she was doing the chasing. In return she was treated with respect, and the opportunity to stay with me, and be happy.

Making a girl pay for your meal for the purpose of getting her invested in you, so she can become happy is not shitty at all. In fact, by understanding the underlying principle of human psychology, you create a situation like that – its a fantastic thing. You’re both a winner. The male plays the role of the male, and the woman plays the role of the woman. Feminism is disgusting. What makes the world roll is the power-balance between males and females, where the female happily bears a child, and a warm family and also gets to provide for her man.

A lot of women feel a “needy man” is how all males should be. But then those women are fucking the “dominant” man. Women complain about the “dominant” man. “He treats me like shit, makes me clean his house, and even made me pay for his dinner!!!! I hate him! But I don’t know why but there’s something I really like about him!”

Negative emotions are better than no emotions at all. That “hate” feeling is an emotion, which is better than a woman feeling “neutral” about you.


Good thing I live in Tokyo, I can run experiments.

Basic Frame

  • By giving you the opportunity to spend time with me, you will in return experience happiness, excitement, and more juice in your life. To maintain that experience, you need to invest your time, effort, and money.

Personality Traits

  • “S” – Sadistic: talk to them like they’re lower than you, order them, neg them, etc
  • Get pissed off – douchebags get pissed off at their females for shitty behaviour. They make them emotional to the point of tears. Girls have to think at the back of their minds, “I don’t wanna lose this guy, I gotta impress him”
  • Play the Whip and Candy (鞭と飴)
  • Tsundere(ツンデレ): Extreme HOT-COLD alternations

Specific Situations

  1. Make her pay for my meal
    Keep very little money in the wallet, go have a meal, and pull off the “I forgot to withdraw cash” line to start with. Keep the free meal, and bang her.
  2. Get her to make mini-investments
    Male hosts in Japan get women to invest in them by getting them to make small investments first – buying a can of coffee, a pack of cigarettes, etc. Then escalates to things like watches, branded wallets, etc. When a reg plans to come over to mine, I’ll start with “get me some apple juice at the combini”.
  3. “Wash my dishes”
    Girls get to experience great sex, and hang out in my precious pad. Get her to wash my dishes, clean the room, throw out the trash, etc.
  4. Treat them like your pet dog
    “Come here”, “Go get me some water”, “Spin three times, give me your hand, and bark”. In return they get a pat on the head, and perhaps a treat for good behaviour.
  5. Punish them for shitty behaviour
    If they flake, are late, etc – you should ALWAYS punish them, and make them beg for forgiveness.

Watch the following for “S”

21:00 and 24:00 and 25:30

Punish girls for bad behaviour

Finally, more on this point. In the past I’ve only gotten fantastic results out of punishing girls for bad behaviour.

  1. Girl was late for D3 for 3hrs (I was killing time by gaming lol). When I met her, she told me she had to go home in like an hour by last train. I told her off, made her feel guilty, and then told her I don’t give a shit about her last train. I told her she’s gonna follow me because I’m hungry, and she’s going to watch me eat. I pulled her to my station, and then I told her, “I’m disgusted by your behaviour, to be honest I don’t wanna be around you.” – as if I was going to send her back home after coming to my station. She came home to mine, and then proceeded to raw-dog her. She was so clingy after the bang. But I made the mistake of paying for her taxi fare back home because she had an exam the next day LOL.
    1. If the same situation arises, I would NEVER pay for her taxi fare. She can either walk home, pay her own cab fees, or stay over but do my fucking dishes for being late. Sex is a bonus that she got to enjoy.
  2. Girl was 1.5hrs late for a D2, then proceeded to flake on me via text. I told her to pop over quickly as she was around my area. She waited like 5 minutes, and then told me she’s leaving because I’m not coming. Held her off, and ended up getting face time with her. It was my second time meeting her, I had only met her briefly for 5~10minutes at a school festival. But I give her the biggest shit of her life – I lecture her, and tell her to take fucking responsibility over her shitty duties, and basically teared her apart emotionally. She was looking so guilty she told me, “I’ll do anything”. Pulled her straight back home, and tried to bang her. Was a virgin. I let her suck my dick. I didn’t bang her because she really had to go home, and the dick didn’t go in. And I’m glad I didn’t bang her – because the next day I received a long ass text from her friend who was pissed off as hell for making this girl suck my dick even though she did it willingly.

In both situations, I was a fucking boss. But being a boss needs to extend to post-banging. After you bang the girl, you still need to be a fucking boss, and even more dominant than you were before. Thats the difference between being able to keep the girl, and the girl never contacting you again. Being needy is the worst thing you can do when keeping a chick. THE WORST. And now I’m off to sleep.


I love mystery, he has a lot of very interesting theories. A lot of it makes sense too. But being away from commercial “GAME” for a few years, I’ve come to realize a lot of it is a bunch of bullshit, and even the “best” gamers out there have limitations in their minds.

I had 58 bangs in 2016. 34 of them were SNL’s. Thats almost 60% of all my bangs.
Every other bang I had were D2/3’s due to bad logistics/not enough time on the day.

To me and the gamers I hang out with in Tokyo, there’s no real surprises, but it may blow your mind if you’ve been “taught” game. The average time it took from OPEN->PENIS IN PUSSY was roughly 70~80minutes. One of the hottest girls I banged in 2014, I was in there within 35minutes. Now how does that compare to Mystery’s “7 hour rule”?

Attraction vs Comfort

Coming from a Mystery Method standpoint, you need both Attraction and Comfort. I agree. But solely talking about actually banging a girl, its the balance between attraction and comfort. Spend too much time with the girl, she’ll develop the comfort to say “NO”. Too much comfort will KILL attraction. They are almost inversely proportional.

A girl who is a Justin Bieber fanatic, will have LESS attraction for him, if she spends 3 days with Justin. Even more if Justin falls in love and starts buying her shit. (Giving women control over you. Ewww. Thats just yuck!)

You need just enough Comfort to establish you’re not a serial killer or a rapist. Sex is NO BIG DEAL to a woman. Just establish you’re safe, and thats all you need to pull her back to yours.

The time you spend with a girl after a certain point (comfort) is inversely proportional to ATTRACTION. I bet you, had I spent 5 hours with the girls I banged in 70~80minutes, I would have lost over half of them. They would become too comfortable and put their guards up. Within the first hour the girl is in fairy tale land. You don’t want them to become too conscious so as to escape to their reality. Because you create their reality and you set the rules.

If you’re going to spend 5 hours with a girl, might as well D2 them. But then again, wouldn’t it be silly paying triple for milk at the supermarket?

I would say that the perfect ATTRACTION:COMFORT time frame is generally around 45~90minutes. If you’re going for the SNL (why would you ever NOT go for the SNL?) – you should bang her between that time frame. The longer you wait, the more time you’re wasting and the less chances you’ll end up banging her.

I still fuck up, and end up spending more time than needed with a girl when I could have banged her within an hour – especially when she’s my type. Something I still need to work on. And sometimes I hesitate when pulling her back to my place when the time I spent with her is obviously too short. Also a theme I need to work on.

Day 2’s don’t exist

I come from a standpoint that D2’s don’t exist. I started adapting this into my game more in 2016. If you don’t SDL on that day, you’ll most probably NEVER see that girl again. So there is NO POINT trying to get a D2. Talk about all the stress of arranging the time, getting her to come out, etc.

Assume a girl will NEVER come out on a D2 – and you’ll do everything you can to bang her on the day you meet her. A D2 is like a contingency plan when everything else FAILS. Its your very last option.


There are of course exceptions. The girl could be a virgin. She may be conservative. She may not be a party girl and needs more time.


You DO NOT decide nor assume whether the girl is not down or not – she does.

Most of the girls I bang are innocent or normal. I don’t like sluts. I prefer girls with less or no sexual experience.

I banged 9 virgins last year. 2 of them were SNL’s and the rest were D2/3’s. I’m very patient with virgins so hence the D3’s. But I would say 80% would be DTF for an SNL if logistics allowed for it.

The girl decides whether she’s down or not. The rest are all limitations in your mind. I hang out with the best PUA’s in Tokyo, and probably the entire world. And they too will agree with me that a girl will most likely put out for sex on the day you meet her.

Don’t marry any woman over 25

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One of my favorite articles by laidNYC (blog deleted).

I am all for dating younger women as a man with options.

No matter how much humans take care of themselves, age is something they can NEVER beat. An 18yr old girl who smokes, sleeps 2hrs a day, and sniffs cocaine will look younger no matter what, than a 28-year old fitness freak who eats organic chia seeds all day.

Therefore ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL, there is no reason to date a girl above 22. (I do have to admit I’ve met and currently have a few LTR’s above that age who are sweethearts).

Me and Legend both agree, if the girl at 25 is as sweet, open-minded, and nice as she was back when she was 18, we’d give them slack. But a lot of them, until 22 are bitchy, flakes, are up themselves, and treat men like garbage. When they realize their biological/physical attraction dropping after 22, decide to make themselves more available to men. Those girls deserve zero remorse. Worse – women at age 24+ who are blind, and believe they can still act like bitches and treat men like shit like they did back at 20 – these ladies will in return be treated like shit deservingly so.

I realized I could never devote myself, as a faithful husband, to a woman who wasted the prettiest years of her life before she met me.

If you meet your wife when she’s older than around 23 or 24:

You are eating someone else’s cold leftovers, then doing their dishes.

You are showing up to a party after everyone has left and cleaning up after them.

You are getting into a taxi and paying the fare of the person who got out before you.

You are taking the nearly expired milk to the grocery store counter and offering to pay double for it.

You are paying the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for a used car.

You are letting someone sext with your girl, then paying his phone bill for him.

Your friend has sex with a prostitute, then after he enjoys the fruits you pay the bill and get throw in jail for

You are part of a street fight where a guy gets a few good punches in, and the opponent punches YOU for retaliation, not him.

You are paying for someone’s credit card bill full of reckless spending and partying that you never got to enjoy.

You are outbidding everyone on an eBay product by thousands of dollars.

You are trying to unclog somebody else’s clogged toilet.

You are watching somebody shake a hornets nest, then getting stung as he runs away unscathed.

You see someone chug a beer, then drink the bitter teaspoon of ass beer at the bottom of the can.

You are letting someone eat all the creme filling from a box of Oreos, then pay full price for the bland chocolate wafers.

A girl who refuses to get married young is offering a raw deal. She is vastly overvaluing her product, and undervaluing your time and money.

Marriage only makes sense for a man when a girl’s prime years of beauty and fertility are upfront payment for a lifetime of loving masculine support. Men rationally know this.

Is it any wonder, then, that as females are delaying marriage longer, they are finding less willing men?
Youthful arrogance is the yellow brick road to spinsterhood.

Experiments for 2017

Posted: January 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

This year I’m going to try a few experiments to grow and widen my vision of game.

  • Ask a girl to be my girlfriend (do it a few times)
  • Go for a 60min quick bang on HB8’s and above
  • Open a 2 set, and bounce them back home by myself
  • Open a 2 set and bounce them back home by myself and bang them both
  • Bang a famous celebrity

More to come this year!